You deserve what you are owed

LostHire is a unique big data analytics tool that tracks millions of sources to trace backdoor hiring from your own CV submissions. Insanely quick, for an even more insane ROI.


Ours is the only backdoor hiring tool that conforms to the Data Protection Act.

No Risk

Don't gain any value? No problem. We'll refund you. We even offer free trials.


At no point will a client or candidate know you are employing our service.


We do all the work. The only effort you put in is providing your data through our secure channel.

Unbelievable return on investment.

Candidate exclusivity clauses are useless if you aren't checking.

As many as 1 in 300 CV submissions resulted in a backdoor hire during 2014. With an example fee rate of £3000 for a small agency that wishes to scan 5000 submissions, we only need to discover 2 backdoor hires in a year before you've realised a tangible result.


Risk free and easy

If you don't feel you're obtaining value, we'll refund you. We'll even do a trial scan for free.

Coupled with our no quibble refund policy, our service is also incredibly easy to use. We'll work with you or your database provider, whichever you prefer, to obtain only the information we need. Then sit back, and enjoy reading our monthly reports.

Our unique software quickly and discretely scans millions of data sources to track even the sneakiest clients. Upon an identification of a possible backdoor hire, we'll provide concrete evidence to allow you to pursue your fee collection with confidence.

  • Small Agency

  • 75p per submit

  • Upto 10,000 submissions
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Annual agreement
  • Monthly Reports
  • Monthly Payments
  • Large Agency

  • 50p per submit

  • Upto 30,000 submissions
  • Unlimited Clients
  • Annual agreement
  • Monthly Reports
  • Monthly Payments
  • Enterprise

  • Call

  • Custom Submission Quota
  • Always Unlimited Clients
  • Multi year agreements
  • Discounts for annual payments
  • And more...
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LostHire is a trading name of SM Technologies Limited. We're a small application development house based in the UK making exciting tools for the recruitment trade. You can write to us at 1, Collins Lane, GU31 5NZ. We're registered in the UK & Wales with Companies House Number 7790748. Visits strictly by appointment only.